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From Five To Nine Episode 01 – 10 (Completed)

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Drama: From Five To Nine
Romaji: 5→9: Watashi ni Koi Shita Ikemen Sugiru Obousan
Japanese: 5→9~私に恋したイケメンすぎるお坊さん~
Director: Shin Hirano
Writer: Miki Aihara (manga), Shota Koyama
Network: Fuji TV
Episodes: 10
Release Date: October 12, 2015 —
Runtime: Mondays 21:00
Language: Japanese
Country: Japan



Junko Sakuraba (Satomi Ishihara) dreams of working in New York, but she currently works as an English conversation teacher. She’s about to have her 29th birthday. Junko Sakuraba works hard to achieve her dream, but New York seem far away. She has also not dated in a long time.

Junko Sakuraba attends a funeral held at a temple. During the funeral, she makes a mistake and throws ashes onto a monk chanting a sutra. She feels apologetic and embarrassment.

Later, Junko Sakuraba’s family deceives her into going on a blind date. The man she meets on the blind date is Takane Hoshikawa (Tomohisa Yamashita). Her date is the monk whom she accidentally threw ashes on.

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  1. Based on the manga series “5 Ji Kara 9 Ji Made” by Miki Aihara (first published March, 2010 in monthly Japanese shojo manga magazine Cheese!).


From Five To Nine-Satomi Ishihara.jpgFrom Five To Nine-Tomohisa Yamashita.jpgFrom Five To Nine-Yuki Furukawa.jpgFrom Five To Nine-Kei Tanaka.jpgFrom Five To Nine-Rin Takanashi.jpg
Satomi IshiharaTomohisa YamashitaYuki FurukawaKei TanakaRin Takanashi
Junko SakurabaTakane HoshikawaSatoshi MishimaMakoto KiyomiyaMomoe Yamabuchi
From Five To Nine-Miyu Yoshimoto.jpgFrom Five To Nine-Saeko.jpgFrom Five To Nine-Yuri Tsunematsu.jpgFrom Five To Nine-Mokomichi Hayami.jpgFrom Five To Nine-Reo Nagatsuma.jpg
Miyu YoshimotoSaekoYuri TsunematsuMokomichi HayamiReo Nagatsuma
Kaori AshigakaMasako MouriNene SakurabaArthur KimuraRenji Hachiya
From Five To Nine-Kokoro Terada.jpgFrom Five To Nine-Keiko Toda.jpgFrom Five To Nine-Ryuhei Ueshima.jpgFrom Five To Nine-Takehiko Ono.jpgFrom Five To Nine-Mariko Kaga.jpg
Kokoro TeradaKeiko TodaRyuhei UeshimaTakehiko OnoMariko Kaga
Sankyu NahaKeiko SakurabaMitsuru SakurabaKouei TeradaHibari Hoshikawa


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10 ENDIDWS | INA | Uptobox | TusFiles | KS | SF | UCENG | INA


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